Remember This Moment - The Moment You Took Back Control of Your Financial Future

Medical bills, a job layoff, a major home repair, education expenses - there are many solid reasons why good, hard-working homeowners get into debt.  But now, there's no reason to stay in debt.  Yes Funding's Pay Off My Debt™ program provides a powerful solution that focuses amortization in your favor.  This program starts by quickly arranging to pay off the uncomfortable consumer debt and student loan balances that keep you trapped in this cycle of debt.  Then, Pay Off My Debt™ provides options to pay off your home sooner, fund retirement accounts, fund education tuition or other large expenses.  Typically, homeowners save $600, $700, $800 each month.

Today, Tomorrow & 5 Years from Now

Pay Off My Debt™ doesn't just benefit you today.  The sustained monthly savings help you to avoid charging up your cards again in the future.  Your credit cards become a convenience, not a necessity to stay afloat each month.  And, Pay Off My Debt™ allows you to add savings to your future - something many of us have not been able to accomplish for years.

With YES Express finding out what Pay Off My Debt™ can do for you is remarkably simple and amazingly fast.  Take a few moments and explore the benefits of this tremendous program.


The Story Behind the Pay Off My Debt™ Program

Several years back a study determined that the happiest people in the world were people who were getting out of debt.

This study inspired us to think about the prospects of developing a financial product that focuses on getting homeowners out of debt, not for the short term, but for the long haul - a product that could completely turn around a homeowner's financial situation.

We knew the answer could be found in the structure of the Amortization algorithm. "Amortization" is that tricky little formula that gives the average wage-earner the ability to purchase a home worth hundreds of thousands for an affordable payment each month. It's also the formula that makes it profitable for a lender to spread the repayments over such a long period of time as thirty years.

We developed an amortization algorithm that focused the formula solely on paying off debt and maximizing disposable income. The results surprised most everyone who looked at the computations. Using scenarios for typical indebted homeowners, not only were we able to pay off debts, the amount of extra disposable income each month allowed for significant financial benefits that could help prevent future indebtedness and start building wealth. Tens of thousands of homeowners have already benefited from this process. Customer satisfaction was among the highest recorded in the industry.

Today's economic environment offers the perfect timing to take advantage of the Pay Off My Debt™ amortization advantage.  Student debt, consumer credit and medical expenses are at an all time high yet inflation remains fairly stable. These conditions plus other factors make now the best time ever for indebted homeowners.  Find out about all of the benefits this amazing program can offer you by applying or speaking to a representative.  Don't wait.  It's easier and more effective than you can imagine.  All of us at YES Funding sincerely hope that you experience the most important benefit of all... Happiness.