What If You Could Do More Than Just Pay Off Debt?

Several years back a study was conducted to determine the happiest people in the world. This wasn't a survey to find out where they live or what they do for a living. This study focused on discovering the situation or events that creates the most happiness in people.

As you might have guessed, having comfortable sums or even great sums of money did not top the survey. Neither did having a desirable job or satisfying hobbies. In fact, none of the enviable lifestyles or desi physical traits you might imagine ranked nearly as high as one particular event. Surprisingly, the survey says that the one single circumstance that elicits the most happiness is getting out of debt.

To us, this finding resulted in a watershed moment. Prior, we had focused our efforts on the more mundane financial products that provide funding for purchasing homes and refinancing homes - programs that have existed unchanged since the 1920's and 30's and continue virtually unchanged to this day.

The study inspired us to think about the prospects of developing a financial product that focuses on getting homeowners out of debt, not for the short term, but for the long haul - a product that could completely turn around a homeowner's financial situation.

We knew the answer could be found in the structure of the Amortization algorithm. For those of you who have heard the word "Amortization" but have no idea of the meaning - and at the risk of oversimplifying - we'll describe it as that tricky little formula that gives the average wage-earner the ability to purchase a home worth hundreds of thousands for an affordable payment each month. It's also the formula that makes it profitable for a lender to spread the repayments over such a long period of time as thirty years.

We developed an amortization algorithm that focused the formula solely on paying off debt and maximizing disposable income. The results surprised most everyone who looked at the computations. Using scenarios for typical indebted homeowners, not only were we able to pay off debts, the amount of extra disposable income each month allowed for significant financial benefits that could help prevent future indebtedness and start building wealth. Tens of thousands of homeowners have already benefited from this process. Customer satisfaction was among the highest recorded in the industry.

Today's economic environment offers the perfect timing to take advantage of the Pay Off My Debt™ amortization advantage.  Student debt, consumer credit and medical expenses are at an all time high yet inflation remains fairly stable. These conditions plus a few other factors make right now the best time for homeowners to act. Find out about all of the benefits this amazing program can offer you by applying or speaking to a representative.  Don't wait.  It's easier and more effective than you can imagine.  All of us at Yes Funding Corp sincerely hope that you experience the most important benefit of all... Happiness.